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English at a cafe

I work in a cafe. When I get the coment from customers "Thank you, it was great!" I say " I'm glad to hear that."or something.
I want to answer more casually.Although there may be lots of words that suit this situation, I'd like anyone to tell me the friendly but not too casual way to answer to customers. thank you.

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    When they say "Thank you, it was great!" are they referring to a particular meal? For example: Thank you, the lobster was absolutely out of this world."

    If that is the case, then you could reply:

    I am so glad that you enjoyed it.
    Oh, yes, our chef knows how to cook lobster.
    That's one of our most popular dishes.
    It's one of my favorite dishes, too.
    We serve it every day of the week. Please return soon.

    Your current response is actually about right. Other posibilities might be: "My pleasure" or a bit less casual "It was my pleasure".

    u can say most welcome or welcome


    You could say:
    > I'm happy to hear you enjoyed your dinner/lunch/breakfast/coffee/etc. with us!
    > I'm glad you liked it. Have a great day! Come back again ! (smile, up beat voice)
    > I'm glad you enjoyed it! Have a good evening/day/night.
    > I'm glad to hear that! Have a nice night/day/etc.

    If they are leaving you could say:
    >I hope you enjoyed your time here at __(cafe name).
    >I hope you enjoyed your food! Come back soon!
    > etc

    Great Job!

    There are lots of ways :)

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