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Present Perfect or Present Continuous? Thank you in advance!


A famous scientist offered to use a model of learning which (has had? or is having?) an important impact on the way teachers
think about their students and what they do in the classroom to try and meet learners' different needs. Could you choose one of these two alternatives, please, and explain why you did so? Thank you very much in advance!

Additional Details:

If there are twenty years passed from the year when the scientist offered this model, would it be better to use 'has had' or 'is having'?
Thank you again!

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    Both are fine. It just depends on what you want to mean.

    I would use "has had" if the model of learning is already well-established and well-known. It had an impact in the past, the impact continued to the present, and it still has an impact today.

    You can use "is having" if the model of learning is relatively new and its strongest impact on teachers is happening right now.

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