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Are traditional Javanese social terms (priyayi,etc.) used only specifically in Indonesian?

Hi, sometimes when I am trying to write homework I look up words in the dictionary and it gives me Javanese social hierarchy terms such as Priyayi, ksatria, etc. Are these words used more generally in Indonesian to mean any privileged person, knight etc., say if one were writing about another country? Or are they very specific to Javanese society only? Also, are they still used today? Thanks!

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    This is interesting.

    I think "priyayi or sometimes written priayi" can also be used in other contexts as long as their characteristic is same. If you want to use this term in other countries' context by writing, e.g:
    Kaum priayinya Paris
    golongan priayi di Inggris.

    Similar term we also used is borju. A little bit different from priayi, we refer borju as a rich person/community, same as French and English language.

    Hope this helps

    'Priyayi' is only used in Javanese term, however when you speak Bahasa Indonesia you can insert 'priyayi', almost all Indonesian knows that, bcs it's no term for it in Bahasa. For ksatria, it's also known as the 2nd caste below Brahmana (Hindu), in Bahasa Indonesia, some people equalize it with 'Satria' or Knight.

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