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what is the meaning of this sentence?: "요런건 인증으로 여러분께 보내드립니다."

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    요런 건 인증으로 여러분께 보내드립니다.

    In my personal opinion, it's more of like "I'll take a photo of it and send/show it to you."
    Since the fervent usage of smartphones, it's become a lot easier to take a photo of things whenever you want. So, there's this new word "인증샷" meaning "a photo to confirm something is true/real/happening." For example, you'll take a "인증샷" when you see a celebrity in a restaurant so you can show people you've actually seen them.

    So, the speaker says "요런건 (A thing like this) 인증으로(as confirmation) 여러분께(to you) 보내드립니다(send)."

    Hope this helps! :)

    somewhat vague. :O

    요런건(informal form of "이런 것은") 인증으로(inappropriate usage of particle -으로 IMO. 인증을 통해 might be the best in this case.) 여러분께 보내드립니다.

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