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Is this an idiom or just the meaning of "twist"?

She has a twist in her character.

I don't understand this "twist".

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    There a couple different things this could mean, depending on the context.

    "A twist" can mean an unexpected development. If you are reading a story about a boy who goes to school and plays with his friends, when it turns out that he was actually a ghost the entire time, that is a twist. So if the woman is a lifelong criminal and thief, maybe the twist in her character is that she donates all of her money to charity.

    "A twist" can also mean an unnatural and negative thing. We say that someone is "twisted" if they are perversely insane. Perhaps the woman in your sentence is an otherwise normal person, but every so often she is overcome by the urge to kick a puppy. This might be called a "twist in her character."

    Without knowing more context, it is difficult to say what is meant.

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