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which one is more used

hello, guys, How's it going? I wanna know which one of these words is more common used in English or if they have a different use in different contexts could you guys explain me it?

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    They both practically have the same meaning.

    From my experience, "annoy" or "annoying" is used more often than "pester".

    "Pester" is more of a verb requiring a person or people.
    example: "John is pestering Jillian about her watch."

    "Annoy(ing)" can be applied to people and non-human things.
    examples: "John likes to annoy Jillian." "That sound is annoying."

    Annoy because it implies irritation without intention. I annoy the neighbors when I snore. I pester the neighbors about their dog. Make sense ?

    Annoy can also be a common adjective: annoying sound
    Pestering is not used as an adjective.

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