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Can anyone tell me the differences among the four sentences?

1. I made her leave.
2. I had her leave.
3.I got her to leave.
4. I let her leave.

I understand "make," "have," "get," and "let" are all causative verbs, which literally mean, they all make something happen. As a non-native speaker, however, it really perplexes me what they really mean.

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    The first 3 are much more similar as they all essentially mean 'I caused her to leave'

    The 4th one however means 'She chose to leave and I didn't stop her'


    1, 2 and 3 are indeed similar, but "I made her leave" can be either voluntary or involuntary, while 2 and 3 are clearly voluntary, i.e. the person made a special effort to make her leave.

    Voluntary: She was distrupting the class, so I made her leave.
    Involuntary: I was being a bit annoying. I think I made her leave.

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