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I wonder if "people riding in a plane" refers to pilotes or passengers.

Am I right?

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    The people riding in the plane are the passengers.
    The one who "drives" or controls the flight of the plane is the pilot. :)


    Pilots fly or drive the plane. Passengers ride the plane.

    It refers to passengers because of the words "riding in." The preposition "in" indicates the location of the subject, and "riding" indicates that they are passengers, not the operators. Also, "riding" would not be used in reference to pilots. If it were referring to the pilots operating the plane, it would say, "The pilots flying the plane."

    The verb "ride" means to be carried along by something, such as an animal or vehicle. Pilots are they ones operating the plane, not the passengers being carried along by the plane (although pilots are indeed carried along by the plane too. But this is English, not science :)).

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