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Can I use the expression "very few " to indicate something not countable ?

For example can I say "I've talked for very few time " or I must use expressions like "I've talked for a little time"! Can I use few only for countable things (biscuits cars and etc..) or is it correct to use in talking in every situation ??

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    When speaking of the amount of time that you talked, if you talked for a short time, you would say, "I talked for a short time" or "I talked for a little while."

    Yes, you may use the word "few" when referring to an amount. For example, "I talked for a few minutes." "A few" means "a small amount of." Like, "I have a few bananas" means that you have about 3-5 bananas.


    You can only use "few" for countable nouns.

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