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Is this sentence in subjunctive mood?

This is a part from a novel.
I don't get the sentence from "- why she'd ..... his vanity, imagination."
Is it in subjunctive mood?

"Her brassiere's snaps are in the front. His own forehead snaps clear. He thinks to kneel. But he knows what she might think if he kneels. What cleared his forehead's lines was a type of revelation. Her breasts have come free. He imagines his wife and son. Her breasts are unconfined now. The bed's comforter has a tulle hem, like a ballerina's little hem. This is the younger sister of his wife's college roommate. Everyone else has gone to the mall, some to shop, some to see a movie at the mall's multiplex. The sister with breasts by the bed has a level gaze and a slight smile, slight and smoky, media-taught. She sees his color heighten and forehead go smooth in a kind of revelation - why she'd begged off the mall, the meaning of certain comments, looks, distended moments over the weekend he'd thought were his vanity, imagination."

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    James is right: it's past perfect. Your clue is the main verb.

    She'd begged = she had begged
    She'd beg = she would beg

    He'd thought = he had thought
    He'd think = he would think

    I believe that it is simply the past perfect: She had begged off ....

    subjunctive is this.
    eg=>It is essential that you be present in the class.

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