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Acupunture/Chinese medicine

is acupunture very popular in your country? especially in the uk

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    It is is very popular in USA and also Brazil. However, it is not regulated as a medical practice.
    In USA, some health plans consider acupuncture as a valid "wellness" treatment, instead of medical treatment. Some universities are including acupuncture classes for a degree in "Alternative Medicine" (which is about to change its name to "Integrative Medicine" as it combines both Eastern and Western knowledge).

    Yes it is popular here in the UK I have used it for my back

    Acupunture would be considered popular enough in the Republic of Ireland.



    I just did a websearch in a single directory for Denver, Colorado.

    There are about 60 acupuncture practitioners in the Denver, Colorado area alone.

    There are possibly several hundred, / asian Restaurants in the Denver area by my estimation.

    Also, there are probably several dozen martial arts schools, based upon, Kung Fu, Ju-Jitus, Judo, Aidio, Karate, and so forth, at the minimum.

    The impact of Asian culture upon American life generally, is very pronounced and profound.

    ---Warm regards, Bruce

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