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Waarom zijn Nederlandse werkwoorden gebouwd als deze?


Analyzing the following sentence:
Wetenschappers | zijn er in geslaagd | een compleet mechanische mens | te maken

Breaking down the sentence, “zijn er in geslaagd” must be a verb phrase. Right?

Zij zijn | ?????? | geslaagd (successful)
“they are successful” | a completely mechanical man | to make

Where does the “er in” come from? What is the grammatical rule that explains “zijn er in geslaagd”?

Why is it not correct to do the following?

Wetenschappers zijn geweest geslaagd een compleet mechanische mens te maken.

It isn’t completely clear to me when to split the verb like this, but I do understand it. I suppose it will become clearer with practice.

But I do not at all understand why “zijn er in geslaagd” is constructed in this way.

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    The "er is" in dutch is the "hay" in spanish. Does make that any of this more clear to you?
    The word "er" is short voor "daar" roughly translated with "there".

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