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"over my head " or "above my head"?


e.g. There's a lamp over/above my head.
I know that "A on B" means the two objects touch,but "over"/"above" doesn't.

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    There's a light over my head. There's a light above my head. I don't think you want to use the word "lamp" here. The word "lamp" makes me think of a desk lamp, table lamp, or floor lamp. If it's on the ceiling, it's a light fixture or a chandelier.

    The phrase "over my head" also has other meanings. It can refer to something that is clearly beyond your ability to understand it or a situation you are unable to handle by yourself. Examples: "Everything the professor says goes over my head. I better get a tutor." "I'm in over my head. I need to get some help, so I can finish this project."


    You can use both, but I believe "over" is more common.

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