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Wishing in mother tongue

Usually I wish all my Chinese friends with 'zao3 shang4 hao3.' How do you feel ? Is it any outdated method. I feel to wish a person in his mother tongue means to respect his language and country.

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    It's not outdated. However, more and more people greet each other with just one word "早"when they meet in the morning.
    BTW: The '上' in "早上" is pronounced in the neutral tone rather than the fourth tone.


    so nice of you .
    "早上好" is still prevalent today in our daily lives ,as well as workplaces.
    sometimes we use "早" which feels more casual and lively.
    And by the way, you might also use "新年好"or “新年快乐” which means “Happy New Year ”these days .Your friends would be very happy to hear that.

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