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What is a better way say “A nowhere man living in Nutopia"?


A nowhere man living in Nutopia? A Nutopian nowhere man? A nowere man who's living in Nutopia?...

I'm gonna use a sentence as my bio on some sites, I think a sentence like "A nowhere man living in Nutopia" would be good. However, I don't know whether it sounds natural and friendly to English users because of my so-so English level. Please help me correct it.

FYI, Nutopia is a conceptual country founded by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. You can just regard it as a normal country like China, Japan or USA.

Thanks in advance!

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    Shawn Wu:

    Your sentence is already grammatically correct.

    However, I do not agree with you that this works well for an introduction.

    What it would tell me about you as a person, if I read your bio, is that you are a very coy person, who offers vague and evasive answers.

    As a realistic thinker, I would encourage you to think more deeply, and write more articulately in English, about Where----You---Are philosophically.

    As person reading your biographical information, I would not object to reading something like the following:

    "I am a person who is very conflicted on many issues, and I do not always know how to feel or think about many things."

    That is understandable. Many people fall into that category.

    You see, I know who I am, and I know exactly where I live, and how to think and feel about things. Part of the reason comes from the study of English. The other part of the reason is a study of Logic.

    That is why I am able to be here to offer assistance for people, and with people and to learn from them also.

    What you write when you claim to be nowhere and a nobody, basically tells me that you are just Somewhere---Else and you are not ready to receive my instruction.

    So you might write something like this for your bio:

    "I am here on italki to learn, and I appreciate any help you can offer me.
    I know that you take the time in your busy life to help, and I want you to know that I very much appreciate all that you do. Thanks"

    ----Warm Regards, Bruce


    "A Nowhere Man Living in Nutopia" or even "A Nowhere Man in Nutopia" both sound fine.

    Just lay off the sloppy English (gonna, FYI), as that would really damage the quality of your writing.

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