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Is this sentence okay?

"I support you by praying you here"

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    Hello Tinkerbell Green:

    The sentence is not entirely clear in its meaning, and this makes an answer difficult.

    "I support you by praying you here"

    [It can mean that one person is praying for the other, such that they mean as follows]:

    "I support you by praying for you." or "I support you by praying that you be here or come here."

    [It could also be a scenario in which one person is expecting "support" in the form of money, or other freely offered "support" which another person has no intention of giving, because it is not always beneficial to all people, to simply give things away freely, for which they have not worked. To give or "support" that way, is called "enabling" and it does not benefit the person expecting other people to support their habits and lifestyle.]---Warm Regards, Bruce

    This sentence is fine as long as you and the other person know what it refers to.

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