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is "overgrown" here "having grown too large or too fast "?

Leo and I are kneeling on either side of a baby goat, our hands resting on its back. This day is one of my earliest memories. One of the baby bunnies went missing, and I cried, but then Leo found it curled up asleep inside a blue plastic ice-cream bowl. Later he wrote his first poem about it. I once heard Mom call his parents “overgrown hippies” because they grow their own vegetables and encourage their son to write poetry.

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    It means that Leo's parents have reached a certain age, and Mom considers that they are to old to be acting like idealistic and naïve "hippies" (which would be more common for people in their 20s). She probably thinks they should be more materialistic and focus on buying stuff and making money instead of growing their own food and letting their son become a poor poet. Physically, these parents have "grown beyond" (re: overgrown) the "normal" age to be acting like "hippies".

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