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is "overgrown" here "having grown too large or too fast "?

Leo and I are kneeling on either side of a baby goat, our hands resting on its back. This day is one of my earliest memories. One of the baby bunnies went missing, and I cried, but then Leo found it curled up asleep inside a blue plastic ice-cream bowl. Later he wrote his first poem about it. I once heard Mom call his parents “overgrown hippies” because they grow their own vegetables and encourage their son to write poetry.

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    Hello LouLou703:

    No, it doesn not mean the "overgrown hippies" have grown "too large" or "too fast". That would mean that there size physically is too big, or that their growth was abnormally sudden.

    But the meaning is not entirely clear. Most likely, the phrase "overgrown hippies" means that that Leo's parents were adults physically, but immature in their character and personality.

    Growing their own vegetables would not have a lot to do with it; but encouraging their son to write poetry, could reflect an actual disregard for materialistic values, conventional career goals, and a rational identification of purpose in life.

    You see, one can indeed, write Poetry, But there are not a lot of paying jobs out there for Poets.

    So my best guess is that your Mom referred to Leo's parents, as "Air-Heads" as the slang expression goes. They just are not realistic thinkers.

    There could be other interpretations, but I based my answer on what is generally known in the United States, where I was once a "hippie" and hitch-hiked all the way across the United States, from Coast to Cost, and lived on the streets as well as on a very wild commune in California, named "Starker's Leather Shop and Living Arts Theatre".
    ----Warm Regards, Bruce


    It means that Leo's parents have reached a certain age, and Mom considers that they are to old to be acting like idealistic and naïve "hippies" (which would be more common for people in their 20s). She probably thinks they should be more materialistic and focus on buying stuff and making money instead of growing their own food and letting their son become a poor poet. Physically, these parents have "grown beyond" (re: overgrown) the "normal" age to be acting like "hippies".

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