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where did they stick those bumpers in?

【Bowling! Leo and I proudly hold up our balls. Mine is pink, his is green. They can’t weigh much more than beach balls. Behind us I can see those bumpers that they stuck in the lanes so we never got gutter balls. Stephanie had moved to town the month before, so this was her first appearance at our party. From then on, the three of us did everything together.】

if they stuck those bumpers in the lanes, how could they be "behind us"?
i think the kids are standing in front of the lane, aren't they?
and because of those bumpers, they never got gutter balls.

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    I think the "behind us" is relative. I guess they're facing the seats where the bowlers sit. Technically, they're at the end of the lane. The bumpers are sitting in the gutters of their lane.

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