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mariah carey《 bye bye 》

what does these sentence means in below:

1As a child there were them times
I didn't get it but you kept me in line what is line? keep me in line?

2But I'm glad we talked through
All them grown folk things folk things? folk??
Separation brings

3.Tuck me in at night
With the teddy bear you gave me
what does tuck means in here

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    1. Keep a person in line = make them behave, prevent them from engaging in incorrect behavior.

    2. Grown folk = grown people, grownups

    3. When you tuck a child into bed, you put them in bed and pull the covers up tight, so they will be comfortable. For older children, it means more to make them feel cared for and loved at bedtime - they could obviously pull the covers up by themselves.

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