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what does "Stop, drop, and roll" mean?

【I reach out to turn off my alarm, open my eyes, and scream! Someone’s standing in the middle of my room. He’s short and squat, and his arms and legs are waving wildly. It’s too dark to see anything clearly. Safety tips run through my head. Stop, drop, and roll? That doesn’t seem helpful. Duck and cover? That one’s better. I throw the covers over my head and lie still. Why isn’t the intruder saying anything? After a few heart-pounding minutes, I force myself to peek out from the top of the blanket. With one swift move, I flick on my lamp.】

1.what does "Stop, drop, and roll" mean?
2.does "Duck and cover" mean "hide"?

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    Both phrases are famous expressions for what to do in certain scary situations.

    1) "Stop, drop, and roll" is an expression for if your body or clothes catch fire. If there is a fire on you, you are supposed to "stop" whatever you are currently doing, "drop" to the floor, and "roll" to put out the fire by smothering it.

    2) Yes. "Duck and cover" means get down (the verb "duck") and hide ("cover"). It means hide fast.

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