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What is the meaning of: "His face was drawn but the curtains were real."?


Can anybody explain the meaning of this ? "His face was drawn but the curtains were real."
I read it in an english book ( the curious incident) but i can not find an good explaination....

Thank you

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    One way of looking at it is that someone actually had a pencil, chalk, pen or other instrument to make a representation of this man's face. Hence, his face was drawn, past of the verb to draw. So you are looking at a picture of a person who was created by another hand. The curtains on the other hand were not created by pencil or pen but were actually in the picture as they would be if you were to walk into the room. So, the curtains were hanging over a window but the image of the face was on a surface like paper or canvas.


    It's a word-play based on the word "drawn". It can mean either a picture created with a pencil or pen, or it can mean something which is pulled.

    When we say someone has a drawn face (in the sense of pulled), it means the person has a strained expression, either from stress, tiredness or pain. We also draw (pull) curtains to close them. These are both common expressions.

    The writer uses both meanings in the sentence: his face was drawn (strained; or a picture made with a pencil), but the curtains were real (ie. not drawn shut; and not an illustration, unlike the man's face).

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