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what is your opinion about Russian women?

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    Just beautiful!!

    They are kindness, Sometimes they seem to be cruel but that because they dont want to tell liars

    I grew up during the Cold War. Feelings were high against Russia and not too many Americans traveled there. The only Russian women we saw were the wives of Soviet Premiers - all over 60 years old and generally overweight. It became a myth in the U.S. that all Russian woman looked like that.
    That started to change with Raisa Gorbachova, the wife of Premier Gorbachev. She was both beautiful and stylish.
    The turning point for me was when a colleague of mine when to Russia for months on business, after the end of the Cold War. After he returned, he told me that he thought he must have died and gone to heaven. He had never seen so many beautiful women in one place. Since then my image of Russian women is much different than it was in my younger days.

    I live in a city where there are many Russian immigrants. These are my observations:

    1. The older women seem to wear the clothes that they brought with them from Russia. The clothes are "old-fashioned" but neat, clean, and respectable. They dress more nicely than do most American women of the same age whom I observe on the sidewalks and in the stores.

    2. The younger women dress about the same way as do American young women. I think that Russian young women generally dress in a more modest manner than do many younger American women.

    3. The most important thing to me, however, is that I have noticed that Russian women, younger or older, seem to be very competent at their jobs. For example, they seem to be very competent in the healthcare profession. Since I am a very old man, competent and caring healthcare workers are very important to me.

    Well, nearly all the russian girls I know are exceptionally beautiful and competent, and all the russian guys I know are good drinkers and friendly companions, maybe thats clichés but these clichés happen to be true as far as I'm concerned ^^

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