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Do you also want finding true love ,the one and eternal?

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    Many of us are willing to.


    Do you also want finding true love ,the one and eternal?----Екатерина Апрель

    Thanks for the subject.

    In my opinion, love is everywhere, and in most people. I enjoy loving people, and feeling loved in return.

    If you are looking for a One---And---Only, or curious about someone who is, it is a worthwhile venture I think. Love is without exception the most wonderful of all things.---Warm Regards, Bruce

    Find it before it will find you and make you loose your head!

    Start from defining love. It is very personal and subjective "something", not just set of emotions. Someone who cannot do it will never be able to notice it even if it was in front of him.

    For me it is equal to depriving oneself integrity, exposure and acting for another's good. Bad investment, almost always bringing loss and very disappointing. To not let let myself rip off by the creatures I love I had to learn how to give without expecting nothing good to come in return for the rest of my life.

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