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Which accent is worth studying , American or British?

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    You might also consider that words and sometimes even sentence structure may be different in British English than in American English. For example, in British English the trunk of a car is called a boot. If you begin learning British English you may want to keep using British English because you are more familiar. As far as sentence structure, here is an example:
    British English: Three people were injured and taken to hospital.
    American English: Three people were injured and taken to THE hospital.

    In British English the word accommodation is usually uncountable. Example: There isn't enough accomodation.
    In American English the word accommodation can be countable. Example: There aren't enough accommodations.

    You might want to consider these differences as well when you are thinking about an accent.

    This depends entirely on where you want to go.
    A British accent is more novel and unusual in the U.S. than an American accent is in Britain - but not by much.
    The only thing you want to avoid is too much of an accent - a British accent from Liverpool, for example, or an American accent from deep Lousiana. The point is to be understood, wherever you go.

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