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Capability and ability

what's the difference?

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    The difference is very, very thin and only noticed in formal written English. If you interchange them in normal use, nobody will say anything.

    Capability is more appropriate for a group or or organization. Ability is more appropriate for a single person or small informal group.

    Capability tends more to do with potential ability than with practical current ability.
    "At 6 years of age, children have the ability to understand thousands of words, but have the capability to understand many more."

    Again, I wouldn't even worry about the difference if I were you.

    No difference in ordinary usage.

    You are fully capable to look into dictionary at any time but you may not be able to do that just now. Capable and not able at the same time.


    capability mainly refer to the people's intelligence or physical ability. and this ability was congenital . eg: I don t think that boy has great capabilities.
    ability:This ability may be congenital, or through the learning or training to obtained. eg:A pilot has the ability to fly his plane through a storm.


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