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わたしの犬は色見るできるだろIs this correct if i want to say : I wonder if my dog can see colors?

just a random sentence, i want to know if the sentence is comprehensible and if it is gramaticly wrong somwhere

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What i really wanted was to know if the sentence makes sense and if its structured right

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    私の犬は色を見分ける事が出来るのかな? is correct.

    If you just say, 私の犬は色を「見る」事ができるかな?
    This means just "Can my dog see the color?"

    But if you say 私の犬は色を「見分ける」事ができるのかな?
    The sentence means "Can my dog see the color properly?" (can he/she recognize it?)

    Also, you need to put 事 after 見る in Japanese.
    It is just like using a gerund in English. like saying "to see (at the color)" instead of just saying "see."

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