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What is the difference?

"They will kill me."
"They would kill me."

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    They will kill me = You will be killed by them. (You are 100% certain)

    They would kill = If I do what I am thinking about doing, there is a good chance that I will be killed by them.

    "They will kill me" by itself means that you believe that they will, in fact, attempt to kill you.

    "They would kill me" implies that there is a condition that must be met before they will attempt to kill you.

    You can use "They will kill me if..." to mean roughly the same thing as "They would kill me if..." But without the "if" they are different

    "They will kill me" sounds more definite. It is going to happen.
    "They would me" sounds conditional. They would kill you IF you did / did not do something, etc.

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