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Favourite dish

I’d like to share a recipe with you. This is the recipe of the dish which is one of my most favourite Tatar dishes. It’s very easy to cook and not heavy.
For dough:
* 300-500 g white flour
* 100 g milk
* 15 g sugar
* 50 g butter
* 1 egg
* salt
For the filling:
* potato puree with passed onion
Knead unleavened dough. Put it into a pan covered with a lid, and leave for a couple of minutes. As it gets ready, divide your dough into pieces and then roll them out with a rolling pin. Bake in a dry frying pan. Put the potato puree into hot flat cakes and after this fold them up. Grease them a bit, and your kystyby are ready!
And what is your favourite dish?

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    Mince and Doughballs

    1 lb. steak mince
    1 small onion, chopped (optional)

    Doughballs - 4oz. self raising flour
    2oz. shredded suet
    Cold water to mix

    Cooking Instructions
    Put the mince in a saucepan to cook over a low heat till browned through. There is no need to add anything as it will cook in its own juice. When cooked make more gravy by using gravy powder (or granules), following the directions on the packet. Add this to the saucepan, season to taste, and stir well. As the doughballs absorb some of the gravy during cooking time ensure there is ample gravy to allow for this. Prepare the doughballs while the mince is cooking.

    Doughballs - Mix the flour and suet together in a bowl and add a little seasoning. Using a knife mix in enough cold water to make a stiff, but pliable, dough. Using floured hands divide the dough into balls - this quantity is enough to make 8. Place the doughballs on top of the mince, replace the lid and cook for 20/25 minutes till cooked. Serve with mashed potatoes. When potatoes begin to boil put the doughballs into the mince to cook and everything will be ready to serve at the same time.

    NB. If desired a pinch of dried herbs can be added to the dough mixture before adding the water.

    Something that always reminds me of my Gran :)

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