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Please help me correct if any of the translation is incorrect. Also, please help me with some of the grammar I don't understand. Thank you!

싶은 마음은 굴뚝 같지만
However your heart's wish is like a chimney ( does this mean someone has high standard?)

누구말 처럼 정말 내가 많이
Who says many people are truly like you.

좋아하는그대가 나를 좋아해주는
Then you are the person I like, so it is good.
( * what does -주는 signify ? )

기적이 일어났으면 하는 생각도
If a miracle happened, I have thoughts
하는 생각도 해봅니다 .
I try to have to have thoughts
( what does 해봅 mean? )

남자는 사랑할 때 반만 주고,
When a man loves he gives about half,
헤어진 후 나머지 반을 준다는 말.
the remaining half is going to be given after break up
* why is 말 at the end?

난 적어도 200% 마음 주고 이별 후에도 내 마음은 똫같았으니깐..
At least I give 200% of my heart and then, after a break up, my heart wasn't the same

그만큼 남자도 한 여자를 엄청 사랑하고, 그녈 위해 눈물도 흐르고 그런다는거야
men also love seriously as much as girls, so my tears are going to flow for love

재발 남자는 무조건, 든든해야해 의지할수 있어야해 그런걸 너무 원하지마..
A men without question, will be reliable, so please don't want too much

그리고.. 남자가 먼저 헤어지자고 하는 이유를 .. 잘 생각해봐줘..
and then.. a man's first 'lets break up' and reason to do do.. think about it well..

남자들도 생각없이 헤어지자고 하는건 아니니깐..
Even men doesn't think 'lets break up' and isn't doing it.
** what is the purpose of 들?

적어도 남자가 흘리는 눈물은 어떤 상황이든 진심이니깐요
at least a man's tears flow even when the situation is not sincere.

당신도 누군가에게 힘이 되어 주는 사람입니다
you are a person who will give strength.
당신이 있어 위안이 되고
you are a person who will give comfort.
받아들이는 사람도 있다는 것을 잊지 마세요
There is also a person to accept, do not forget this.

그와 비교할 수 없이 끔찍한 일은
terrible work can't compare with him

나 자신이 누군가에게 먼저 좋은 사람이 되는 것은참 설레이는 일임을 기억하며^^
If we remember this very heart fluttering and raising thing, we can begin to become someone good

때로는 서운하게 해도

On occassion you will stand up and

무언가 맘에 들지않아도

and not listen to something in your heart
내 뜻대로 따라주지 않아도

By all all means, I don't follow my heart.

미움이 커져서 버럭 화내고 나면 수그러들거 같지만,
If I expand hatred abruptly you gather it the same way.
If strong hate becomes larger and anger burst, but is same as ??
** what is 수그러들거?

미안한 마음과 초라해진 자신뿐이다.
A sorry heart and shabby truth is a reflection of yourself

그리고 꼭 마주잡앗던 두손이 떨어져버려..
and don't run into perfectly to sperate two hands

이젠 마주잡을수있는 두손이 없어져버린
Now it can run into two hands without vanishing

더 사랑할수 있었다는 미련과허전함..
There can be more love, stupid and empty

그리고 우리가 함께 소중히 쌓았던 추억이 사라져 버리는 아쉬움..
and we made our cherish time together, while memories can disappeared and be missed
( what is 움 at the end? )

그리고 미련이 란놈은 항상 뒤따하 오기 마련이다..
and I will always prepare to become a dull spirited fellow

혹시나하는......돌아올지도 모른다는..바보같은 기대때문에...
If there is a possibility.. don't return.. because the expectation is foolish...

내가 사랑하는만큼 사랑
as much I am loving, there is love

후회해서는 안될 일들만 후회한다.
because not regreting becomes regret

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