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Somebody help me , please!!


I want to improve my English pronunciation. What should i do the most ?

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    Put on the google translate and listen to word that you are trying to say,but don't trust really well in the translation,or you got my skype,we can talk if you wan't to

    You tube or Skype with a native speaker

    Working on "Google Translate" is not so interesting .....and people are very busy to teach online, that's why I use and
    Hope it helps.
    Best wishes!


    I offer lessons using the book "Clear Speech". The book comes with a cd for the student. You will learn pronunciation by learning about syllables. I work for ETS (Educational Testing Service). They administer the test called TOEFL and TOEIC. I am a certified examiner for the TOEIC test. One component of this test involves me listening to students reading paragraphs and I score their intonation as well as pronunciation. Because of this I believe I have an advantage in helping you. But, if you want to study on your own I would suggest using the book "Clear Speech". As an Asian I know that your difficulties are with the letter "p", "v", "r" and "l" sounds.

    I definitely wouldn´t recommend google translate for improving pronunciation, it's just not natural and it's absolutely boring...

    What I did the most is listening to the podcast on my mp3. Those are short episodes with real-life situations and are suitable for all levels, as you can find a lot of it online. The one I liked the most is the one from British Council learning portal. They talk about loads of interesting everyday topics, jokes, so there is something for everyone :)
    here is the link:

    In the podcast there is also a girl who came to UK from Venezuela, if I remember well, and all the funny situations she went trough while learning english.

    Although it's called elementary podcast, it can help a lot to someone on higher level as well...

    I hope it will help you, and have a good time listening to it :)

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