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μου αρέσει.....


I've learned that this verb is used with the accusative, but, as far as I know, μου, σου, του τησ του, μασ, σασ, τουσ are the weak personal pronouns (genitive):Μου αρέσει τα βιβλία = The books are in my liking. So, it still would be genitive.
Question: Is this form the same as: Die Bücher stehen in meiner Gunst ? "in meiner Gunst" = genitive? Of course, this expression is old fashioned and no one would use it. We'd say: Ich mag Bücher. Is the Greek expression Μου αρέσει also an old genitive??

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    "μου αρέσει το βιβλίο" is similar to "das Buch gefahlt mir" , where "mir" is dative. (in Romanian we are using dative, too : îmi place cartea ; îmi = mir , dative) .

    To me it looks like μου/σου are genitive pronouns that play the role of an ancient dative. My guess is that at some point in history the dative and the genitive were merged together , so that currently in modern Greek we find only the genitive (playing both roles in different contexts).

    there is no something exact translation of that verb in english
    In english you can say: i like.....
    in german language is much easier,germans said : ich mochte ...ich mag

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