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Emotional Feeling behind calling guy "오빠"

Hi everyone! I know the meaning of 오빠 of course, and I know that it's used when a korean girl is talking to someone slightly older than her (her senior).

I also know that korean girls sometimes call their boyfriends 오빠.

My question is, when Korean girls call their boyfriends or guy they're dating "오빠", what is the feeling behind it? Does it mean it's a casual dating relationship? Will she not call him 오빠 anymore if they get serious? Or is it something they will say if the guy is more of a "lover" than a boyfriend?

Reason I'm asking is because I noticed my friend's Korean girlfriend who he's very serious with doesn't really call him 오빠, but I've heard many other friends call their boyfriends 오빠 .... is it a matter of personal preference? or does it imply something special / specific about the relationship?

Thank you! ^^

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    In my opinion, it is just a matter of personal preference. Most Korean girls call whoever is older than them 오빠 (male of course) whether they are dating or not. 오빠 as you know just means older brother so it is often used out of respect. Some girls choose not to call their older bf 오빠 and I reckon they can get away with it because that's considered cute...!

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