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"often" and "to"

It' s correct if I say:

do you come to this restourant often?
do you come often in/to this restourant?

Thanks all

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    Hey Antonio! To answer your question,
    "do you come to this restaurant often?" Is more common, but "
    "do you come often to this restaurant?" is used a lot too.
    However, we don't say " Do you come in this restaurant."

    I hope I helped!

    You can say:Do u often come to this restaturant."oftern" is usually behind "You,I , He, She, It".
    If the answers say:yeah,I often come to this reataurant.You can continue to ask :How often do u come to restaurant?Maybe the answer will say:twice a week.
    Maybe my answer could help u:-)

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