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What is the difference between 真正 and 真的?

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    I think it´s better for me to explain it through examples
    If you want to say " he is a real hero", then you use 真正,so this sentense would be 他是个真正的英雄。
    but,if you want to ask something is ture or fasle, for example, you ask "Is your story ture or not?" then you use 真的,你的故事是真的吗?

    真的, normally about the fact. Something is true, or really happens. 这件事是真的 It is true. 这件事真的发生了。It really happened.
    真正,normally about live up to something. 这才是真正的体贴。This is the real consideration. It means he really takes care of you. His consideration lives up to your expectation for this word.

    真正is adv,and真的just is adjective.


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