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What does it mean by 'Tutoyer'?

I know it means something like, you can use 'tu' or we can use the 'tu' form with each other, is it not? so how would I use it in a sentence, to ask the other person this? Is this a verb? I thought it is spelt 'tu toyer'? And is there a verb for using vous form, like tutoyer?

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    Tutoyer = You can use "tu"
    Vouvoyer = You must use "vous"

    Imagine the dialog:
    - Comment-alez vous?
    - Vous pouvez me tutoyer!
    - Ok, comment-vas tu?

    Davi Ramires

    The term "tutoyer" is a verb. Like "speak" or "eat".. Just a verb. But I dont understand; You known what it means?

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