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3X~! d(=^・ω・^=)b

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    The full form of "美美水水" is "美丽的,水灵灵的". So 美美 here obviously means "美丽的"and 水水 refers to "水灵灵的" (watery). In spoken language, people especially young girls or kids tend to use double-form adjectives to express feelings in a very cute or adorable way. So you just came across such a case.
    Plus "惹" here is just an interjection.


    美美就是美丽的意思。水水嘛,在我看来就是皮肤看起来很好,很有光泽, 亮亮的。就像是护肤品都有出补水系列。
    但是,我们并不经常用它。 它可能只出现在美容杂志或者网页标题中。

    hope it helps you. :)

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