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Can you help me for speaking english?

hello all of the my friends, my name is murat from Turkey in İstanbul.
I can read, I can understand but I can't speakin fluency or clearly well.
and also I have some problem about vocabullary and pronunciations.
I can speak Turkish and if you want I can halp you for learning Turkish.
Thank you very much.I'm waiting you my helpfull friends...

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    I would go to the top of the page and click on "Find a Language Partner" or click on "Groups" and join one of the many language groups we have. Good luck and hope this helps you.
    Hi onlyistabul! I am an english Teacher and I can help you improve your English if you like. If you´re interested contact me ok?!

    find a teacher and talk with you in english

    I want to learn it ! I can help you to learn chinese . My chinese is very good ! I can help you . Can you ? Thank you very much ! But my English -speaking is so-so . Can you help me ?

    Best wishes to you !

    We will come on together !

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