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How to tell when its a compound word.

When reading a Chinese sentence there are no spaces in between words. Since some words have two characters(compound words) how do you know to read that as a compound word and not a single character?
You would read this as
这 是 我 朋友
How would you know to read 朋友 as a compound instead of 朋 友

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    朋友 itself is a word, you don't need to read ”朋友" separately^^
    Here are some examples
    我们 是 朋友
    这 是 我 姐姐
    它 是 我 的 宠物。
    It would be better to look up the dictionary to find whether the word is a compound word or not^^
    Best wishes


    We have lots of form to separate words.
    You can also say 这是 我 朋友
    You can also think about it using the English words.
    For this case, This is my friend.
    friend is not a separate word, so you can let it as a compound word.
    As general, when you learn a vocab, most of them they compound words.

    Hope it can help u.

    For this question, you can try to understand it by using GRAMMAR.
    Just as English, there are SUBJECT, PREDICATIVE in one sentence.
    This is my FRIEND.
    这 是 我的 朋友.
    "This" and ‘这" are subjects in the sentence.
    “is”and“是" are copulative verbs.
    ”Friend“and"朋友"are nouns, are PREDICATIVE.
    So, when you know the nouns in one sentence, then they often are compound words, you should read them as a noun.
    Help you can understand it.

    European texts of Middle ages had no spaces as well
    so, this is how Chinese, Japanese and other no-spaces-language people read
    prior knowledge is the key point here
    if Chinese people will add spaces -- they will have more success in making Chinese the international language
    because Chinese is as easy as English
    x-tremely simple grammar

    如果 汉语 词 之间 有 空, 读 句 更方便。

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