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How to say pointless in this context using Chinese?


I want to describe a burger as pointless, what is the best way to say pointless when describing food? Somehow 无意义的汉堡包 does not seem right lol.

For those that are thinking 'how can food be pointless?' I quite understand, but this burger is so big, you have no hope of eating it sensibly! It's a pointless burger indeed!

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    I'm sure you are not talking about "垃圾食品", since you mentioned "no hope of eating it", maybe what you want to say is "吃不了", "吃不下", "吃不完", or if you want empasize its size against your mouth, then maybe you mean "咬不下", "无法下口", "没法儿下嘴".




    The burger is too big to eat. I don't want to eat it anymore.

    如果你的意思是指:I have no idea how to eat the big burger.

    希望有帮助到你。请告诉我它是哪个意思,这样我也能学到一个native way to discribe food. 谢啦。:)


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