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Could somebody tell me some special customs about British wedding,?

we have an assignment that is to perform a presentation about British culture, and our group pick up a topic" British wedding ". But the problem is that we can only find very limited information about that on the internet. What we need is all kinds of British wedding customs, like in Welsh, England, Scotish, and Northern Ireland,,, Could any guys help me? It is a kind of emergent. Thank U very much!

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    I got married in England but I'm not British. I know that the American say you have to wear "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue " but the saying in England is longer, you also have "and a sixpence in her shoe." So I found a 6 pence in an antique shop (it's not a current coin anymore) and glued it in my shoe. My husband (who's British) insisted on wearing a "moring suit" (NOT black as this was for funeral he told me, so his was pale grey) with tail and a wing collar shirt (smaller than a normal collar and it sticks out funny). The tie is a fancier one too, scrunchie tie I think. It looked a bit like this I had the usual white dress but I decided to have purple thights, shoes and jacket but that's not normal.

    The day started by the wedding itself (civil or religious depending on preferences), then a welcome drinks is provided to all guests, then photos are taken a lot (group shots, family shots, couple shots) then when we entered the dinning room the maitre D' called for applause for the new Mr & Mrs (this can be quite formal and sometimes the new couple and their parents line up for a hand shake with all the guests), then everyone sits down for a meal they call "wedding breakfast" even though it was served past 6pm! It was a formal 3 course meal for us with classical music been played in the venue (we had rented a minor castle turned hotel for the day). Then there are the speaches : father of the bride, best man, then the groom. Then dancing (the roomed had been cleared and a dj installation installed). The bride and groom dance the first dance and then people join them after. And then a bit later, it's the cutting fo the cake. Bride and groom hold the knife together and make one cut in the cake and photos are taken, then the cake normally dissapear and the chef cut the rest and it's served to the guests.


    I can give you a quick idea - before the wedding, it is traditional for the man to go to the woman's father and ask for her 'hand in marriage', which is his permission. It is an old fashioned custom, people sometimes do it out of respect.

    It is custom for the man to go down on one knee and ask the woman to marry him.

    The woman has a hen night (party with just women)
    The man has a stag night (party with just men)

    Often the bride wears white. That is our custom. But it is not necessary. It is meant to show purity. People may say 'she cant marry in white' if she's been married before.

    The bride wears a something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue
    And carries a bouquet.

    We exchange rings. And make vows.

    We often have bridesmaids, unmarried attendants, and a maid of honour (a married bridal attendant)
    The man choses a 'best man' to help with arrangements, to look after the rings, and make a (hopefuly funny) speech after the Wedding Breakfast.
    It is called the breakfast, but it is actually their first meal as a married couple.

    And the happy couple go on a honeymoon.

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