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What are some good ways to improve concentration?

What are some good ways to improve concentration?

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    First, you should turn all devices on (TV,radio, social internet sites and so on),if you learn something. Second, just try imagine that everything you learn,read is very interesting or if you make some work you have to think about this work or may be make this work in new, unusual way.It will increase your concentration. Sleep well and enough long time (not less 6-7 hours,8 hours better, but not all people have so many time for sleeping), eat healthy food (porrige. fruits, vegitables, fish, nuts).


    I agree with Yulia that attitude, sleep, and food choices are important. Turning everything off depends on the person I think though as I like a quiet environment, but my brother can work better with music in the background...something that is just there but doesn't require your attention.
    I would like to add that these days most people are doing 4 or 5 things at one time. If you practice doing only one thing at a time, like not watching TV while you eat or playing games on your computer while you walk on the phone, it can help to train your mind to slow down and keep attention.
    Also, if you schedule breaks into your work or study time, it can help your concentration. If you focus for 45 for example and then take a break for 15 minutes, you mind won't get overwhelmed and your body will have a chance to stretch and relax as well.
    Good luck. ^^

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