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Could you help me with tashdid pronunciation?

I'm trying to better my pronunciation skills but I've come across something very difficult. Apparently, I can't correctly pronounce tashdids. I thought I was just the repetition of a sound without a vowel, but even with this knowledge, I still get it wrong.

I'm especially having trouble pronouncing the word "bacheh"- child.

Could you give me some suggestions on how to correctly pronounce this?

For learning: Persian (Farsi)
Base language: English
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    Tachdid is the repetition of a consonant sound. Just let me give you a hint for pronouncing BACHE (بچة). Can you pronounce the phrase "beach chair"? Please pronounce "beach chair" hesitantly with two /tʃ/ sound. firstly, you can pronounce beach, then take a deep breath and say "chair". Now do this work frequently and more quickly. I bet yo will be able to practice tashdid for /tʃ/.
    I know you don't repeat the same sounds in English. But I you did, you would be able to pronounce BACHE easily.

    One more point. The Iranian don't care a lot about tashdid. So, in real Persian, you don't really need to pronounce tashdid. It's an Arabic punctuation and Iranians don't regard it in their everyday speaking.

    In some cases it is very important.When you want to speak.I can tell you better by talking.

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