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Do you think i should every grammar?

First of all,i'm a journey student,we have a English test every month.I want to learn English well ,not only for the final exam,but also for my dream(i'm dream of traveling around the world).Do you think i should remeber all the grammar and all the vocabulabery(i don't konw how to spell it)(i can remeber every word all but it's too boring for me,i don't like it.)

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    I know that you want an honest and courteous answer.

    You say that you are a journalism student. That's great. Journalism is a wonderful profession. It can do so much good. (And so much harm, too!)

    May I respectfully suggest that it is REALLY important for a reporter to spell correctly? I believe that you should check a dictionary if you do not know how to spell a word.

    Best of luck to you!

    I think you don't need all the grammar they usually teach in school but some of them really are important... actually if you talk to a native speaker, you could see what people really use day by day, so you could know what to learn and use in speaking :) I also had to learn in the past many many grammar stuff and I'm talking to many people online in English, but I don't use all I've learnt before... I don't know if I should, but I don't need it, people understand what I want to say, anyway :) but that's only my opinion... :)


    Learning is life long so hopefully you will continue to learn everyday. You do need to learn some basic grammar and vocabulary to communicate effectively. Don't be upset that you don't remember every single grammar rule or vocabulary. I am studying Italian so I know it can be boring to learn all the grammar and vocabulary.

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