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how do this site work ?

I thought it will be free and I may practise , but there is price for lecture and conversation , and I don't understand this system , anybody explain ?

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    I would suggest you read the information thoroughly.
    This site promotes language learning in two main ways.
    It helps people to find other people that are learning their language, and lets them get in touch with each other to help each other. You can make contact and talk to each other using whatever method you like. You can also ask questions about the language you are learning, through this system.
    It also promotes learning by providing a system for language teachers to advertise their services, and letting you choose a paid teacher if that's what you want. I assume that the site is funded by taking a commission from the lesson fees.
    So it's up to you. Pay for a teacher, or find someone to talk to for free. It's up to you. And perhaps be thankful that you aren't subjected to a barrage of irrelevant ads, because it is paid for by those who do take paid lessons...

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