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In Korean how do you say " he is blind"/ he is deaf"?

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    He -> 그는(Gu-Nun)
    Is -> 이다(I-Da)
    Blind -> 장님(Jang-Nim)
    Deaf -> 귀머거리(Gui-Meo-Geo-Ri)
    So, you can combine these stuffs : "그는 장님이다." "그는 귀머거리이다."
    Anyway, 장님 and 귀머거리 is not politically correct words. So you can replace them like these words. 장님 can replace with 시각장애인(視覺障碍人/Shi-Gak-Jang-Ae-In) and 귀머거리 can replace with 청각장애인(聽覺障碍人/Cheong-Gak-Jang-Ae-In).

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