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About the phrase " run out of"


When we are talking about the mobile phone, is it possible to say, " I've ran out of the battery." instead of " My mobile has ran out of the battery. ?
Thank you in advance.

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    People do say "I've run out of battery." as well as "My phone has run out of battery."

    It's run rather than ran in the present perfect tense (has + past participle of verb). Ran would be used in the past simple like "My phone ran out of battery yesterday, that's why I didn't call."

    You also don't need 'the' before battery.

    It is possible to say" I've ran out of the battery" except WITHOUT the "the". :D

    But whatever you say, DON'T say "the" battery. You sound like you learned English from an online program, which is what you don't want :D

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