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1.I know well the rules of word connections and I can use them when I read or sing.But how can i use them when i speak?I dont know what the next word will be~
2.Is "v" leaved out in spoken language?EX,"out of my mind"Can i say it as"out‘ my mind”?

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3.I know that T is held at the end of a word or before some words.Need i make the mouth of T or just leave it out?Maybe sentences i writen are not correct。But i hope u can understand me~

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    I had to read your question a couple of times to understand what you mean, but I'll try my best...

    1) If you mean prepositions, you'll get used to using them by practising. Take the time to learn them properly.

    2) Sorry, you cannot drop them when you speak. If you do, eg. "out my mind", then you'll sound like a poor speaker... or, you could even change the meaning of the sentence. You must use prepositions and other small words (eg. articles) properly. These aren't optional.

    3) It is also important to say the endings of words properly - if anything, make the sound a little heavier than you are used to. One common pronunciation mistake made by students is making the ending too light or even omitting the sound. The result is that the listener can't understand what is being said.

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