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asokoni tomodachiga imasu

While listening to my audio course I heard the next sentence:

asokoni tomodachiga imasu.

What would be the difference if you would say:

asokoni tomodachiha imasu.

I know that they are almost the same and I also that this detail is difficult to explain in English, but I would be very very happy if someone could explain me the difference in feeling between the two sentences.

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    ”asokoni tomodachiga imasu.” is an ordinary sentence. However, we sometimes say “asokoni tomodachiha imasu.” In this sentence, “tomodachi” is emphasized. It means “your friend is over there,” it‘s your friend, not other people. Furthermore, when you change the word order “tomodachiha asokoni imasu,” I feel the place is emphasized.

    You have to use "ga" with aru/iru. Just a grammar point.

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