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Dimana ayahmu ?

I don't understand the vocabulary "~~mu", ex. ayahmu , bayimu, keluargamu .... why ?

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    -mu from the word kamu (you) means your ..... (your + noun)

    ayahmu = ayah + mu = your father
    keluargamu = keluarga + mu = your family

    We also have -ku from the word aku (me, i) means my .... (my + nouun)
    ayahku = ayah + ku = my father
    keluargaku = keluarga + ku = my family

    -nya means her/his ...... (hes/his + noun)
    James meninggalkan jaketnya di sekolah (james left his jacket at school)

    The suffix (ending) -mu, -ku, -nya tell us about possession.


    ---mu is a suffix to form a possesive word for a noun.

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