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what's the different between "ada" "punya" ?

"ada" and "punya" also mean "have "
what's the different ? thx ~ :)

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    "Ada" is a matter of existence, while "Punya" is a possesive matter of an object.

    all this time, i translated "ada" to "there is.." or "is there", while "punya" to "have"

    'Ada' and 'Punya' can mean 'to have' but translate differently to english.

    Saya ada (sebuah) mobil. - I have a car. (ada)
    Disana, ada sebuah mobil. - Over there, there is a car. (ada)
    Saya mempunyai sebuah mobil. - I possess/own a car. (punya)
    Saya punya mobil - That car belongs to me. (punya)
    Mobil itu kepunyaan dia - That car is in his possession. (punya)
    Do you have a car? - Kau ada (sebuah) mobil kah? (ada)
    Do you own a car? - Kau ada (sebuah) mobil kah? or Adakah kau mempunyai sebuah mobil?
    Is this your car?/ Do you own this car? - Adakah mobil ini engkau punya? Ya atau Tidak.

    Just another addition. 'Punya' is used like the English possessive 's.
    This is Mary's car. - Ini Mary punya mobil.
    Where is Ram's telephone? - Dimana Ram punya telepon?
    Who took Anthony's pen? - Siapa mengambil Anthony punya pen?
    I like Tara's hair. - Saya suka Tara punya rambut.

    ada is about existence. it means there is something in some place.

    punya is about possession. it literally means have. the things that you possess, the things in your possession.

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